WELCOME Lovely Freinds! We are Aaron and Jenny, husband and wife, best friends, and dog parents. We love, love! This is the building block of our photography. It is our means to connect with lovely humans and capture authentic moments.

Aaron is the photographer, and has an eye for capturing the perfect light. He has been taking pictures his entire life, but recently, decided to fully pursue his passion


He will capture your genuine moments:

  • The shared laugh between lovers the first time in front of the camera

  • the radiant bride after her first kiss

  • the laughs of loved ones after taking a bad selfie


Jenny is the manager, planner, advertiser, 2nd shooter, relationship builder, and creative muse. She will be your go to for planning, ideas, or if you just need an unbiased ear to help you get through the crazy planning! Also, she keeps the fun going throughout the whole process with her incredible jokes!